Blog 5

This week was full of “change-ups” in class. I mean this because there were many activities that we had not done before such as going to the sustainability field trip and watching ten TED talks in a row. I enjoyed the changing pace of class this week and learned about many ideas that can impact our world today. The sustainability office field trip offered us an insiders look to the ways that OSU handles sustainability. Aditya has spoken before about the large sum of left over furniture, appliances, and supplies that students throw out at the end of the years. This office has large potential to grow and work to make students aware of ways they can reuse or recycle the stuff they no longer want.

During the class Thursday, we watched a TED talk about a woman, Elora Hardy, that creates houses out of bamboo. One of the concepts that I found to ring true in life was the way that she used the natural shapes of the bamboo logs to shape the houses. She had to be flexible in design, just as I need to be flexible in life. Many things may not always go my way, however I feel that opportunities may shift and bend different ways I have not anticipated. Like Hardy, I need to see how I can effectively translate these unexpected turns into beauty.

Another class video that I enjoyed was the edible cutlery created by the company “Bakey’s Spoons.” I thought that the concept was fascinating. I wonder if there is a way to create forks, knives, and other utensils necessary for the kitchen so that people could cook rather than simply just eat. I understand that they can eat the spoon at the end of eating their meal, however I think the company should look into improving this concept by making them reusable in some way. My idea was to have a fork-like shape inside of the spoon so that when you are using the spoon, the outside can erode as you eat and yet you can still have a usable fork. It may not be sanitary, but it is just an idea.

The readings this week were relative to the biomimicry lesson we had previously, and talked in detail about nature and it’s benefits in an atmosphere. In the Merchandising Impact of Greenery article, nature is claimed to create consumer preference in a store as well as reduce stress. I feel that stores may overlook the idea of having greenery to supplement their products because of the cost, care-taking required, and modern era upon retail in today’s technology age. The other article, about biophilic design, stated similar claims about nature. I found the idea that people enjoy environments similar to the savannah to be silly at first, but while reading further recognized that I may be one of those people. Biophilia means the “tendency to focus on life and life-like processes.” The article includes a section that states people would find spaces more pleasurable if they include diversity, clusters, bodies of water, and big sky spaces. All of these characteristics can be found in nature with plants, trees, and more. A pipe-line dream of mine is to create a bookstore boutique that allows people to relax and enjoy an atmosphere while also selling fashion forward garments. When reading these articles I thought that including some greenery in clusters could allow my consumers to feel at ease when entering my store space.

Lastly, the lecture covering the 14 patterns was fascinating to me because of the vast range of concepts that can impact an environment. The concept of having a visual connection with nature I related to well. I find that when I am stressed, if I go on a walk outside I feel relaxed and able to clear my mind. In the work environment this summer in New York City, I often found myself longing to see nature on a daily basis. My visits to Central Park were some of my favorite times there. Another pattern I particularly thought was accurate was the presence of water. I know that some of the times I feel happiest are when I am near water. The sound of rain falling creates peace within me, where as the ocean waves crashing give me a sense of security. All of the patterns were interesting ways to look at a space and the addition of them all (like the examples shown) can be used to not only add interest to a design, but reach people’s innate desires to ensure satisfaction for all.

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