Blog 5

This week we watched one of the coolest Ted Talks. Elora Hardy gave a talk about magical houses made of bamboo. I was amazed at all of the different ways the architects, designers, and builders would manipulate the bamboo and turn it into something beautiful and strong. The designs of the houses were meticulously thought out and planned to be multi functional and above all else sustainable. It made me wonder what else could people use bamboo for to replace a less sustainable material. Also it made me think why are people not taking advantage of this. Of course there were some complications, like when someone uses the restroom, the bamboo does not do a good job of keeping the sound in. But architects, designers and engineers should most definitely try to incorporate more sustainable materials such as bamboo into their work.

Another topic dealing with relating to the Ted Talk that we watched this week was Biophilic design in architecture.  The falling water house and the Thorncrown chapel were very intriguing to me. Especially learning that Thorncrown chapel is located in Arkansas so it would be a short trip to go visit and get to experience a church in a different and unique environment. We got to learn about different places around the world who incorporate nature into the buildings designs and/or environment. It excites me to see places really putting to practice these sustainable and environment friendly structures. As a consumer I would definitely be more intrigued going into a store where the environment resembled nature.

We discussed the article some of us read “Impact of in-store greenery on customers” as a class. We talked about why retailers are not trying to incorporate things such as trees and plants into their store environments. A lot of our answers were involving money. It takes a good investment to try and change the store environment and incorporate something new, like nature into the store. I also personally think with the quickly evolving and changing retail landscape, retailers are more focused on trying to win consumers with their products and reaching and exciting them with new technology, therefor that is where they are investing their money.

I was disappointed that I had to miss out on the trip to the sustainability office on campus this week, but as reading from other students blogs, I can tell it was a very interesting experience that was eye opening to see what all goes into recycling and being sustainable on campus.


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