Blog 5: Connected to Nature

This week we had our second field trip to OSU’s recycling center and for the second time I got lost again and had to call one of my learning community group members to guide me to the right place which reminded me of my sustainability journey. We are trying to find the right direction to become sustainable but sometimes we need a little help to get there.

OSU’s recycling center was very cool to visit. I did not think there would be so much that went into recycling but there is so much work that goes into this job and OSU has very few workers which shows their hard work, dedication, and desire to promote campus wide recycling and reduce waste and pollution. I am glad we got to visit because I got to all the hard work that is put in and it makes me appreciate recycling more.

I really enjoyed watching Elora’s Ted Talk about the bamboo houses. I would never think that it would be possible to make an entire house out of bamboo. It was such a unique design that is sustainable and also an amazing way to incorporate nature and a visual connection with nature.

Visual connection with nature is one of the 14patterns of nature that stood out to me the most. I liked the concept of viewing the elements of nature, living systems, and processes. I think this is a great way to get people to be connected with nature. I also thought it tied in with the merchandising impact of in store greenery on customers. I think it ties together because viewing nature makes you feel peaceful, calm, and connected. In this reading it stated that the greenery in the store made customers feel more pleasure and less stressed.

In one of the lectures this quote stuck out to me and ties in with this blog: “Connections we subconsciously seek with the rest of life” I think as humans we all seek out connections with someone or something and I feel like if we all tried to make a connection with nature this world would be more sustainable.



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