Blog 5-DHM 4573

Blog 5- DHM 4573

Week 6-takeaways

We read an article about bio-philia it’s the tendency to focus on life and life like processes. Animals and humans are a lot alike, we need to find the right place to liven important determinant of survival and well-being.  Adapting to our surroundings is key, like the people in the savannah adapt psychologically to the landscape features. Research on the design of retail settings shows how the manipulation of space and artifacts influences purchasing behaviors. Manipulations such as light, décor, sounds, food, flowers, smells, visual corridors, are consistent with the savannah hypothesis. People prefer to be in places with good visual access to the surrounding environment, while also feeling protected and safe. We feel more comfortable having a window view in our workspace, if we are constricted by just walls we don’t work as well. Nature proves to be calming in every aspect of human life, it is our comfort zone.

Bakey’s edible cutlery

This was a very interesting informational video, he went outside of the box with this invention. He made cutlery that was all edible, instead of using plastic cancer causing cutlery. There is a 120 billion plastic cutlery disposed of in India every year. He can make this just as cheap as plastic ones, the whole thing can be ate. 10 teds, they talk about all different designs to minimize waste of lots of garments that are being mass produced.

Ted Talk- Elora Hardy

When she was 9 years old she drew a fairy mushroom house, her mother built it for her. She said she thought that was normally and has always thought outside the box like that ever since. She builds everything from bamboo, there is 7 types of bamboo they work with. Bamboo will treat you right, if you use it correctly. Bamboo is very hard to protect from insects, they came up with a protectant made from borax.

The visual connection with nature has shown to lower our heart rate and blood pressure, this impacts our attitude in a positive way. Not having a visual connection but being able to hear nature has shown to reduce systolic blood pressure as well as stress hormones. Having the presence of water in any setting, has effects of tranquility, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. You will notice sometimes during a facial or a massage they will play a cd with water sounds or even have a small fountain with trickling water, this has a calming effect. Throughout all of the 14 patterns it shows to have a good effect on our overall health and well-being. This to me will explain some of the empathetic design that goes into designing things, like the birch trees and moss garden in the New York time building. As designers over time they have really looked to nature to design things that make our lives better and help to have less stress environments. She works on building green schools in Bali, she also built a 6 story out of bamboo. Sustainable timber in just 3 years, it grows at a rapid speed and it’s all around them. The bamboo has tensile strength of steel and it is very light weight.  No two poles are alike, they invent their own rules.

Sustainability visit

Ida Hershey gave a short presentation on recycling then she took us to the recycling facility at OSU. She talked about we implement it here at OSU and our moves to be more sustainable. The three pillars of sustainable development are environment, economy, and society. I have learned that we take sustainability here at OSU very seriously, which is a great movement .The environmental benefits are clean air, water and land. Our landscape services include tree campus USA and drip irrigation system. We went and visited the recycling center today. It was built in 2013, it has helped our campus out tremendously. They take all the cardboard from around campus and turn it into bales, the process to me is a lot like baling hay. They produce around 80,000 pounds of cardboard a month. There is a machine for cardboard one for paper as well. It really put into perspective how important recycling is, I will do my part to recycle more.

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