blog five: Biophilia

This past week, I was a little bummed that I was not able to journey over the sustainability office. I was not feeling the best on Tuesday, and you can thank me later for not passing on whatever bug I had. I was actually super excited to see the “behind the scenes” of OSU a little bit. From what I read on some of my peers’ blog posts and on the OSU Sustainability website, we are taking some major steps towards becoming quite the sustainable campus. From energy-efficient lighting and equipment in buildings, to CNG fueled campus/public transit buses and using local produce in campus dining options, OSU is taking action in almost every department to make our campus “greener”.

However on Thursday, I found the 14 patterns of biophilic design very interesting as well. In class we talked about biophilia, which is the love of life or living systems; also the urge to affiliate with other forms of life. I had never thought about how many ways nature could be involved in different aspects of design. The TED Talk about the bamboo homes in Bali really fit in well with this concept. There was a strong material connection with nature in these homes…I mean they are very open and legitimately made of organic bamboo! Out of all 14 patterns, I think refuge and risk/peril are two of my favorites, which is kind of funny considering they go hand in hand.

I feel like in a retail environment it is beneficial to use these patterns to sort of manipulate the customer. Get them to feel how you want them to; peaceful, comfortable, safe, excited, etc.

I am excited to learn more about this in our upcoming weeks!

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