Maybe, there is still yet to learn.

It’s funny how when this class started I didn’t really care that much. I didn’t want to pay attention because I thought I knew all there was to know. So imagine my surprise, when I find myself telling my parents this weekend about some video where this lady made a six-story building and all of its furnishings completely from bamboo! I enthusiastically went on and on, in detail, about how it grows a meter in just over a week. About how they had to build models to scale because they couldn’t just measure the bamboo and build because it isn’t straight. All they had mentioned, was how cool this flooring looked in some commercial and I’m talking their ear of about how some walls don’t keep out all the sounds—haha. Maybe, I started to care without even realizing. Just maybe, I think I am ignoring it, but it all sinks into my subconscious and trails its way out anyway.

Talking about recycling and “sustaining” things just sounded like something we all should know by now but are getting the lecture about anyway. Or so I thought! I find myself intrigued with the thought of Biophilic Design and how I can bring nature in a space with airflow, lighting and sensory stimuli. Suddenly, this is interesting. You can design a space to have mystery as you walk through it? What is Risk/Peril and how am I to incorporate that into my future designs? Everything is new!

Again surprised, when I found that I enjoyed reading this article about Bio-inspired Place Design. There was this example about how we tend to lean toward environments that mimic the African Savannah because its where our ancestors felt safe. I thought this was an interesting take I hadn’t heard before. They talked about open grasslands and how that provides easy movement and clear views to off in the distance and this made me think of open-concept Great Rooms. They also talked about topographic changes to help survey for dangers and that made me think of way-finding in a hospital, bank, or police station during an emergency. I liked that, that same article talked about Lighting Design being more than object identification or art but that It could also be an indicator or time or weather. It makes me beg the question, in what ways am I limiting my lighting in my designs and what more can I draw from Mother Nature?

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