Sustainable by Design

I really liked the readings this week as they were relatable to my other classes as well. Biophillic design is really interesting to me, as I think it could be important to tie unnatural or manmade things to the natural world. By doing this you are creating a more sustainable world and really bringing people back to nature. We are incorporating this into our studio project and I hope to use this article towards some of the research.
This weeks TED talk was very interesting to me because I love the use of the bamboo material. I liked the idea of such a sustainable material. I actually did a presentation over this material in a class two semesters ago, one in which I had watched the talk to do research about the topic. This material is something I would love to have in my own home one day as well as telling others about because of how little it impacts the environment all while being so useful.
This week getting the sustainability tour was actually a nice change. Getting to see someone actually put into action what we talk about in class can really put things into perspective. Being able to see how cardboard and paper can be recycled and then turned into a profit was really interesting. Although not much profit is made I think that it is still worth the effort because it is good for the environment. I also learned that you could not recycle glass in Stillwater which I did not know and will have to change about my recycling habits. I also loved learning about how Stillwater and the OSU campus works really hard to be sustainable.

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