The Magic of NYC

Madeline Manning

Blog #5


My New York Trip


My trip to New York was a dream, the most magical experience. New York is a place like none other. I would recommend that every DHM student go on this trip. We learned a lot more in depth about the production and design side of the fashion industry. We discovered a lot of companies that are taking the initiative to become more sustainable. Even before I began my journey to New York I discovered sustainable fashion while packing. A pair of grey jeans that I brought is made of 100% recycled denim; shockingly enough they are from H&M. While in New York I kept my eye open for sustainable practices I saw within H&M. If you look at all their clothes at least one in every four have some earth conscious note on it. This is especially surprising because of their reputation of a fast fashion retailer.


We visited this designer’s office named Mara Hoffman. She is a high-end designer that has very clothes in various retailers such as anthropology. Her visit was greatly focused on sustainability and the efforts that they are making. One thing that they mentioned was how they do almost all of their production in America, this can make the garments very costly, but it helps the environment. They are working to be completely sustainable, but that is next to impossible. Every little factor that goes into the production must be registered sustainable as well, for example, the buttons, the thread and even down to the marker.


Overall the fashion industry is greatly impacting our environment, but it was amazing to see how many companies were working diligently to be come more sustainable. Below I have attached pictures of my findings.



Even our hotel was working towards being more sustainable. They urged you to reuse your towels, turn off your lights and unplug your electrical goods. It is so neat to see so many earth conscious people in New York.IMG_3161.JPG

“I sure hope they recycled this”

On almost every street corner I saw stacks and stacks of card board. My greatest wish is that people will recycle it.IMG_2924.JPG


In the evening this is what every street looked like. The amount of trash that new Yorker’s produce is unreal. I cannot believe the amount of trash bags I saw on the street. It is crazy how dirty such a magical city can be. Central Park seems to be a whole new world compared to midtown.IMG_2925.JPG



We visited various retailers in New York, one of the newest styles was graphic tees. Here is a graphic tee that I saw that was promoting sustainability. It was ironic because I found it at a fast fashion retailer, Topshop. I have yet to read or hear about any of Topshop’s sustainable practices. Though it is neat how we can promote sustainability through fashion.IMG_3177.JPG


We saw a lot of garden areas on the top of businesses and apartment buildings. This is awesome; people can get a sneak peek of nature in the center of the city.IMG_3033.JPG

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