Week 6

Hello all!

Is it true that trees, plants, and everything green makes us happy? It is true for me. There is something about being surrounded by nature that puts me in a better mood. Back home, during the summer I had two parks I would go to if I simply just wanted a walk, a better mood, or time to clear my mind. I would 10/10 recommend: Martin Nature Park and Will Rogers Gardens. They are both so beautiful. Actually, thinking about them now just put me in a better mood. I may need to take another trip home soon.

In our reading, I took away from the article that including greenery inside of stores could help create a more positive environment and mood for the store and the customers that visit. It also talked about how these green living objects could contribute to the customers shopping behavior. It is expected that they would feel excitement, or get a certain pleasure from the stores environment. However, this could either lead to an approachable way or shopping or avoidance. Personally, I understand this statement. There are times where I won’t be in the best mood, so I will buy myself new things to feel better. On the other hand, whenever I am in a good mood sometimes I won’t feel the need to go shopping, or I just will. Being put in a good mood does not guarantee the shopper will particularly buy more, although it could happen.

In class, we also got a visitor by the name of Ilda Hershey to share some sustainability news with us. I found it interesting that OSU is practicing sustainability and that our school actually has so many resources and information about it. I actually never knew they cared about it. It was nice to hear that they do, and are trying to implement it around campus. Afterwards, she also took everyone on a tour to show the different parts of the recycling center. (Unfortunately I was not able to make that part)

Like I said before, there is something about nature that puts me in a better mood. This weeks TED talk was definitely one of my favorites that have been shown in class. The talk was given by Elora Hardy and was about creating houses, schools, facilities, etc out of bamboo. These locations were astonishing. They carried so many natural details, unique shades, and shapes. Something I did not know about bamboo was how strong it is. She compared the bamboo to steel and that is pretty strong. I would love to have a nature inspired house designed from bamboo.

To wrap up, we talked about The Ten. These were each little automated clips that shared ideas about the design of textiles. The one I found the most interesting was #6, which was  designs that look at models from nature and history. This can also go back to the TED talk, building out of nature. I am all for this idea!


Until next time 🙂


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