Blog 6

During week 8, we wrapped up talking about biomimicry. I enjoyed learning about biomimicry, industrial ecology and nature centered design because that was my learning community’s LOLA show topic. It gave me great ideas and taught me how to embrace theories and how to push boundaries. The Business Canvas Model was something I had never seen or used before. It was very stressful to come up with something in such a short amount of time during class, but it’s definitely something to think about if I ever wanted to open my business. It really makes you think about all the different channels you must cover to have a successful store and I think if we would have had more time, our learning community would have came up with some really great ideas. I have never really thought my future plans would be me opening my own store, but seeing one of my close friends with the same degree I have pursue opening her own store in the next few months, it’s been something I’ve been thinking about. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to open my own store, but now I know what areas need to be covered and how to brainstorm my ideas.

Empathic design is something I’m really excited to talk about these next few weeks. I find myself being a very empathetic person because my mom is and I’ve grown up and learned by watching her. I felt really inspired by listening to Jasmine Burton’s TED Talk on how to improve sanitation. She mentioned that 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to toilets. It really puts in perspective how lucky we are and we don’t even realize it. It makes me so sad to learn that girls drop out of schools in developing countries because they don’t have access to toilets when they hit puberty. She has a lot of people that ask her why she cares so much or wants to work with sanitation and toilets and I think it just comes down to what your passion is as a person. I love helping people and I love the feeling I get when I make someone happy. Compassion can be shown no matter what race, gender or religion you are. As product designers and after being taught in our classes about sustainable designs and practices and to push boundaries, there’s so many problems out there that need solutions. It just has to impact and bother us enough to get out and do something about it.

Growing up, my memories of shopping have been with me, my sisters, mom and my grandma. Today when we go, it’s hard for my grandma to get around the mall so she usually just has to find a table or couch and sit outside the stores while we go in and shop because it’s hard for her to get around and walk that much. We could push her around in a wheelchair or something but I think in stores, I would just design my layout to have more sitting areas inside the store around each section. We want our grandma to be included and be able to be there while we shop so she can have the same shopping experience we do and I love for her to give her input on clothes so if she was able to sit in the section where we are shopping, that would be so helpful. That’s just me wanting my grandma to be involved and having empathy for the fact that she can’t get around like she used to. There’s usually sitting areas in stores,  but they’re either hidden or back in corners and I would incorporate the sitting areas in the displays by making them visually pleasing and tie them into the designs.

I look forward to learning more about empathic design these next few weeks and I hope to get inspired to create something wonderful for those in need.


About KensiLawson

I am a senior Apparel Merchandising major at Oklahoma State University graduating in December 2017!
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