Blog 6

Becoming Business Aware

It is week eight and class is going great. I am finally starting to make connections with the lessons. This week we talked about a business canvas model. I learned many different things from the discussion. First, I thought my classmates had some very create business ideas. Second, I could see how we are growing as a class and coming up with ideas that could work. I really like this in class exercise. The exercise allowed us to be creative and taught us how we can always remember to relate a non-profit. My group came up with a way to help ocean pollution, make money and help a nonprofit. I think it is interesting how everyone came up with different ideas in the short amount of time we had. I will use this in the future because I think it is important for companies to give back to non-profits when possible. This got me thinking about ways to do both make money and give back. This way of thinking will make me a stronger businessperson in the future.

Next, we covered Emphatic Design, which is all about paying attention to users feelings towards a product. The ted talks this week was very interesting. I really thought the flying robot idea was neat. It helped me to understand empathic design better because you could see exactly what the flying robot saw. I also found the Ted talk when the guy was in the hospital bed looking at nothing but the ceiling interesting because that was an idea I had not thought of. Emphatic Design is little things some designers struggle to see. It just makes sense to lie in the bed and look at what patients see everyday if you are trying to improve that situation.

This concept is not new to me however; in visual merchandising we just finished up creating a fashion line for ages 50+. The teacher had us read some readings about people older than us so we can learn about what they go through on a day-to-day basis. Next, we had to interview someone that was in the baby boomer generation. Finally, our group came together and discussed the different interviews and came up with exactly what baby boomers want. A few examples my group came up with was that baby boomers struggle to button and unbutton small buttons so if possible we need to edit out the buttons on our garments. Another example was the fact that baby boomers are “still” young and do not like to dress old so we needed to keep that in mind when designing garments. I really enjoyed this project and felt like we really did a good job stepping into the baby boomers shoes. I really thought this went with the in class discussion and the in-class exercise.

If I could choose whom I would want to design for I think I would choose famous actors. I would want to improve their shopping experience by making it more private so they would not have to go out in the public to shop. I would want to do this because I know if I was to step into famous actors shoes I would not want to be photographed every time I went shopping. I like to relax when shopping and I do not like to dress like I am about to go out on the red carpet every time I want to shop. I would go about this by creating secret entrances and exits to my store that only the actors know about. I would not make my store visible. My store would be an underground “private” shop.

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