Week 8


Wow. I can’t believe we’re 8 weeks in. I checked earlier as I was reading the blog requirements, and wow. Still can’t believe it. Anyway…

This weeks class went very well! I’m enjoying moving away from biomimicry and starting on a new topic. I think I was getting kind of tired of learning about biomimicry. In class Tuesday, we watched a TED talk by Vijay Kumar about his flying robots. I honestly think this talk is on my ‘dislike’ list. It is awesome how technology is growing so powerful, but it is also very annoying. Kumar explained how his flying robot is able to fly around the inside of buildings and the outsides of farms to inspect the perimeter. How lazy can one get? I understand there are some things that could be made easier for us, but I did not like this idea at all. I’m sure the flying robots are very expensive and they just seem like a powerful technological tool that isn’t really needed. However, if you have the extra money, and feel comfortable using one of these gadgets, I would say go for it! There was also an activity we did with our learning community. We had to create a business canvas model explaining the different aspects of our sustainable business. I did not find this activity too difficult, but there was more thinking involved. This business model could definitely be used in the future whenever starting up a practice, or whenever you would like to reinforce your companies background and practices.

Paul Bennett was another TED talk we watched in class. I enjoyed and understood the point he wanted to make. Patients that lay in hospital beds all day probably feel even worse about being there because of what they are looking at while in the bed. Who wants to have no choice but to stare at a blank wall? A blank wall!!!! I would probably go insane. Therefore, I loved the idea of going above and beyond to create an atmosphere that can help the patients feel a little more at home. I think I’m going to enjoy learning more about empathic design because it includes different personalities and likings. If I had to suggest or help create a different environment relating to empathic design it would be for nursing homes. It bothers me that there are nursing homes that are dull and boring. I know whenever I get old thats the last place I will want to be. I would want to improve a nursing home by bringing life into the aesthetics. This could be done by simply changing up color schemes, asking patients what they would like to see more of, or just by sprucing parts of the building up.

Well I’m done here, see ya!

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