Blog 6

Blog 6 Week 8


The Business Canvas Model my learning community created was an idea we came up with, centered around nature related design. We had the idea to combine and facilitate a relationship between a boutique and the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City. In store visual aesthetic decorations/merchandise are temporary and changes frequently with the seasons merchandising then thrown out. In hindsight this is wasteful and not sustainable. However our new relationship with the MOMA would help us acquire the museums retired exhibits and it would then be used for visual merchandising in our store. We would also hope that the exhibits would inhibit some sort of natural aesthetic, which would help consumers shopping in the boutique to have a better experience and relieve stress. This in the end would help build two industries relationships, reduce the amount of waste within in store visual merchandise used for decoration, and help consumers experience.


While learning about empathic design, I felt connected to the discussion because this is something everyone can relate to and has experienced. I think a large skewed problem in our society is that most are not aware of the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is feeling sorry for an individual, while empathy is the ability to understand or try to understand exactly what that individual is going through. I wish our society lived a more empathy-centered lifestyle, which would in the end funnel into a more empathic design related creations and options. Instead, we live a market driven society, which is fiscally conservative, but it makes you think of ways to combine the two? This also relates to the business canvas model on how we were thinking.

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