Blog 6

This week was very relaxed in lecture and closed out a lot of topics. We were given a business assignment where our group had to create a sustainable product or business model, in this assignment we broke down the company into categories that helped us generate ideas for a company and product. Once i fully understood this task i enjoyed it and found it fit to any business pitch i may think of in the future as it helps break down the creativity and production of the idea.

Steaming from business ideas we started to over view emphatic design and how it varies from each creative design product. In lecture we reviewed the differences of empathy and sympathy to better understand the design concept. A design concept we watched via TED Talk was by Paul Bennett where he pretended to play a roll of a patient so hospital cooperates could understand the lack of empathy that some care units consist. The way Bennett presented the issue was key in opening the companies eyes and turned to be very effective for the empathy of patients.

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