blog 6-Burks

I had very mixed feelings about doing the in class activity with the business canvas model. I feel like we do the same thing over and over again in this class, which is choosing a problem to solve and designing something or like Tuesday a business to solve that specific problem. I would almost rather choose one problem and have a larger project in which we really find ways and create a “business” to solve it because each week our group finally comes up with something cool that we could really look into more and learn more but we are only given about 30 minutes to come up with something. Anyway, I really liked our idea, which was to separate waste water and work with a company that creates water purification tablets called PureMadi. I learned a few different things that I did not know previously from this specific problem, one of which was that you can separate and break down waste water. I thought it was an interesting and innovative idea, but I did not know that it was actually possible. I also learned about our partnering company and the way in which they are addressing one of the life principles of using waste (water) as a resource by using their purification tablets so they can use it. I’m honestly not really sure how I personally would be able to use any of the ideas or information I learned from this activity because it is not really what I am interested in. One thing that I do think could be useful however would be the connections and the way the activity made us think about every aspect of the business and how to connect them all to make sure the business was sustainable as well as innovative. That is one thing I do appreciate about this class is it is constantly pushing the boundaries I have set up in my mind to get myself to think out of the box. I find myself focusing on the little details within a problem and a solution that can actually affect the overall outcome in a really big way, which is similar to what Paul Bennett talked about during his TED talk. He talked about empathic design and putting yourself in the shoes of someone else to design better for them, which I feel like our partnering company was really good at. They thought about how hard it would be to be without water and came up with a solution from there. Empathic design can and is groundbreaking when you make it that way, but like Paul talks about it can also be really simple and small as well. I think the company that my learning community came up with on Tuesdays class does just what lectures have taught us and that is being environmentally oriented but also being socially oriented because it is helping humans as well. I think helping the people around you in an empathetic way is really a cool way to give back, so if I were to help design something for people I am associated with I feel like it would be the baby boomer generation and designing a store layout and merchandising it well, just because I feel like we have been focusing on that generation for the past 3 years I have been in the college of Human Sciences. From designing a custom furniture store in merchandising strategies in retail, to designing a store and clothing in visual merchandising all for this generation I believe I would have enough knowledge and information from the research I have done to continue to create empathically for this generation. How I would go about doing this is continuing what we have been taught and making things easily accessible and available for the consumer that makes shopping enjoyable. Like the website designing with people talks about one method is “Designing for, with, or by people” which is based on human factors, so this meaning that it is keeping in mind what the people needs and designing what they need with them to make sure that the needs that they have are being met by whatever product or service you are creating. All of these things have in common that you as a designer for certain if not all generations have to put yourself in the shoes of your target market and think about their needs before you begin the design process. This class has definitely helped me realize that and work on shaping my thought process to go to that, rather than what I like and what I am drawn too.


-Lauren Burks

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