Week 8 Blog

While in class we did the Canvas Business Model. I had never heard of that before. And I thought that it was kind of useful. In the beginning of class, I didn’t really understand how I thought it was going to help, however, whenever you made us do the activity where we used it, I understood how this could actually be helpful in a real life situation. In the future I would love to be able to start my own small interior design firm. Using the Canvas Business Model could be super helpful, and a very simple way to break things down to make it more simplistic. During the activity, my learning community and I were definitely over-thinking the model, but as you walked around you reassured us that this was a very simple model, to make things less over-whelming. This model will be super helpful in the future, because starting your own company can be super stressful and overwhelming, and this is a way to bring things down to the basics for you to focus directly on what you need.

The TedTalk about the Bees and drones was very interesting. I don’t know if I missed the point all together, but I don’t really understand how it plays into the lessons that we were taught this past week.

As for wanting to improve shopping experiences would have to be for those with disabilities. I know that even when I go shopping, a person that has no disabilities, it is hard for me to get around some stores. Its not necessarily that the main walkway is crowded, it that where the merchandise actually is that gets crowded and messy. I understand that they are usually working with an existing footprint of a building, and they have to fit the merchandise that they are required in that footprint, however it becomes very crowded and hard to maneuver very quickly. I can only imagine how it must be for someone that is in a wheelchair or using a walking-aid. Not only could this cause them to not be able to see all of the products and merchandise but it could cause them to be discouraged mentally and just leave the store all together and not even try and find what they were looking for.



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