Blog #6

Blog #6

Madeline Manning


In problem solving solutions we learned a lot on empathic design. Personally I think that empathic design is genius. Being able to connect with consumers and understand their specific needs can create product that help so many people. The packaging concept is interesting because it is relating actual packaging to our bodies’ form of packaging. It relates to organisms creating their own packaging, which all relates to Biomimicry. I look forward to the design probes project, it seems like it will be interesting.


We created a business that manufactures high quality faux fur for companies that are against animal fur. I learned the inside of the business model, we have mentioned this in my business class but this allowed us to digest and use real world examples to learn about a business models. I think that learning how to apply a business model is necessary in any industry. I will definitely use these skills in the fashion industry.


I agree with Paul Bennett when he discusses the small problems that need to be fixed. I think in our world we are always looking at the big problems we are facing and feel defeated when we can solve them, but if we each do our own part we can make a big difference. The idea where a hospital bed with a rear view mirror to talk to the nurses is quite interesting. There are so many attributes to a hospital that can be improved to make the atmosphere a little more pleasing.


One of the interactions based upon the methods section of is imagine. I think that this is vital because sometimes designers can get a little too analytical and need to use the creative side of their brain.


I would like Pandora to design for me because atmosphere in a store is not always what the displays look like, I believe it is how the store feels. I would emphasize the other senses of sound and feeling through music and interactive displays.


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