Blog 6

I have done the business model canvas before. I learned how to do this in my entrepreneur class. I didn’t remember how to do this until we went back over this in class. I enjoyed doing this again. I learned how to create a business idea. I learned how to show what my idea was from the business model canvas. Now if I ever want to start my own business I can use this canvas to show investors that I have thought it through and that this is what my idea would look like. The Ted talk that I chose to talk about is the one on Joyce Thomas. I learned a lot from this ted talk about emphatic design. We should be making products for the disabled and elderly. We should make products that are user friendly and that we want take home with us. We should make the product so that we feel an emotional bond to it but make it simple and customizable. Making sustainable design is what really was very interesting to me. She said we should be creating designs that people pick up, take home with them and never through away. The way that we are able to do this is through customization for our users. From all of this I learned that we are designing for our customers to make their life easier and more enjoyable. We should make our products customizable so that they can design it to fit what they want.

By: Hayley Taylor

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