Blog 6


Week eight was a good week for me as far as my sustainability journey is getting easier because I am getting into a routine with it now. The city picks up my recyclable materials once a week and all I must do is put them in a separate bin and put the bin out on the street for pickup. Another thing I have been doing to cut down on my waste is not getting a straw at restaurants. I was thinking while I was at dinner one night and I realized that every time I use a straw the paper wrapping and the actual plastic straw is just getting thrown away. So to cut down on my footprint I decided to start telling servers I do not need a straw and so far I haven’t used a straw since this.

The Business Canvas Model was interesting for me and very helpful because it makes you think about all aspects of a business. Sometimes you may come up with a business idea and think it is incredible. However, if you can’t answer these questions then is it that good of a business idea? Or what could you do to make it better? Maybe your customer segment is wrong or maybe your location. Change those things and then your business will take off. In the future, I can see myself using this if I decide to open my own clothing boutique to decide if where I am wanting to put it is a good idea.

Paul Bennett’s TED talk spoke a lot to me because of how he was talking about designing hospitals. My grandfather was in a hospital for three months of the end of his life. And the hospital did use some empathic design outside the patient rooms and in waiting rooms. However, inside the patient rooms they were just like any other hospital room. I know that he wasn’t happy being there when he passed and I wish there was something that I could do to have made it better for him.

I would want to improve the shopping experience for the elderly. I feel like in today’s society older people get pushed to the side and nobody gives a second thought to them. And we should be thinking about the elderly because they usually have retirement money and just because they are old doesn’t mean that they don’t want to feel pretty and appreciated. So, I would design a store for older people. I think the main thing for me designing for older people would be customer service. Older people grew up in a time where the level of customer service was very high and I feel like we have lost sight of that. So, that’s how I would go about doing it.


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