Blog 6

Week 8

This week we wrapped up biomimicry and moved on to empathic design which to me has to be on of the most important things to keep in mind when you are designing a product. Empathic design is something that can help so many people and can prove to be highly sustainable.

Business Canvas Model

This activity taught me how one could plan to run a business and what all to utilize, create, or consider so that the business can be successful. Planning a business as a group can be difficult but the business model canvas can help everyone come together with their ideas and mindsets and finalize on something that could be successful and also most importantly, sustainable. In the future if I plan on running a business the canvas model will be something very useful to use as I plan my business. Or possibly even helping someone plan theirs, such as my cousin who is an entrepreneur and always comes to me for help/suggestions.

Empathic Design

Joyce Thomas’ TED talk was very unique and inspiring and I loved learning about why and how she designs products utilizing empathic design specifically for elderly. For, I would love to design a store space for Susan. Susan has a problem with dexterity, she cannot do a lot of things such as manage 12 steps on her own, kneel down, or get up without support. Therefore, I would design a store space much like I did for elderly women in visual merchandising that included a space with fixtures spread out so that there is room for wheelchairs to maneuver around the merchandise with ease. Merchandise will also be accessible at a height someone like Susan can reach. The interior design will include a soft color pallet, comfortable seating, and low volume music for a relaxing yet non disturbing atmosphere.

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