Blog 6

I enjoyed doing the business canvas model because it made me really think about what goes into a business and how to do your part in being sustainable. My learning community came up with a business called Bumblebee Baby. Bumblebee Baby is an online store that carries organically made clothes since babies have such sensitive skin and are easily prone to rashes and allergic reactions. Going through the canvas process helped us go through the stages to make sure our business would be successful.

We watched a TED talk about empathic design featuring Paul Bennett. In this TED Talk, Bennett spoke about hospitals and how to make a hospital not so depressing. One empathic element that can be added to hospitals are painting the walls of the rooms to brighter, happier colors. This could make a long hospital stay not be as sad and emotionally draining on the patient.

I would want to change shopping experience for men. I feel as though men don’t like shopping as much because they find it confusing. I would also like to see more seating areas in stores for men that accompany their spouses so that they don’t feel like they are standing in the way.

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