Blog 6

Business Canvas Model

For this class activity, we had to create a business and determine what factors we would put into each box. My group came up with a clothing company called Bumblebee Baby and we specialize in selling baby clothing that was made from sustainably and locally sourced organic cotton. We decided that in order to be more sustainable we would offer our products through an online website rather than using materials for a brick and mortar store. Through out this model we made each decision through a sustainable outlook therefore I think this model is very beneficial to all business owners even ones that have been around for years because they may not realize what areas they can be more sustainable in

Empathic Design

I find biomimicry really interesting because I think we can still learn a lot from the environment and implement nature into our every day lives so im sad that we are moving on. However, as an empathetic person I think I will be able to really relate to empathic design. I constantly use my emotions and feelings to drive my decisions and I think that more designers should as well. One area that I think needs to be redesigned is hospitals. Being a patient or knowing someone who is a patient at a hospital can be very hard, so creating an environment that isn’t as stale should be important. I learned about a company that was creating something similar to a monitor that projected designs, patterns, and colors onto walls and they were designing specifically for hospitals. Patients could change the colors and designs of their rooms with this single monitor and it uplifted their moods tremendously.

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