Blog 6

This last week we first talked about the business canvas model. This is a layout for the different components that make up a store idea that you have. I am a person who likes to plan things out in an organized/easy to read way. This model I feel is very easy to follow and helps you to make sure that you know what all makes up your idea. My groups idea was to create a store that would cater to girls that don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes for things like interviews and other important events in their lives. This model made it easy to lay out things like expenses, revenues, our customers, what we would provide and other points that would help us plan out our store ideas. Since I am an organized person I think that this model could be beneficial for me in the future because then I can get all my ideas and thoughts straightened out and know what parts I still need and which ones I don’t.

The ted talks that we watched this week were over empathic design. This kind of designing requires you to look at things from another persons point of view and also to think about the different ways that people see things. Getting out of your own shoes and putting yourself in someone else’s is something that is important for people who are in merchandising careers I feel. This way you can think like your customers, who you are trying to please, and be able to make them happy and want to come back more than one time. Empathic design is also important because it will help you to cater to many different people and not just one group.

Someone’s shopping experience that I would like to improve would be for people who cannot walk and have to use a wheel chair to get around. I feel that sometimes people aren’t keeping these people in mind when designing a store layout. I know sometimes I have trouble getting in between racks that stores have so I can only imagine the trouble that these people may have. This can be frustrating for them to not be able to easily get through aisles and make them not want to come back. I think that if we kept these people in mind more when designing we can keep more customers happy and make them happy when they come into our stores and other places that they have to go.

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