Blog 6

As we go further in this course it keeps teaching me ways to become more sustainable. I realized that I have been trying to be more sustainable lately and trying to reuse a lot of my things.

I liked the business activity because it makes you truly understand the different aspects about a business. There’s a lot more behind a business than I realized before we did this activity. The business canvas model makes you really think about your business idea to see if it’s truly going to work. I like business type things and this model I will definitely use more in the future.

I enjoyed the TED talks this week because it was about empathic design. I love the idea of empathetic design and believe it should be encouraged everywhere. These TED talk videos helped me get a better understanding of empathetic designs and I can connect these ideas with my LOLA show presentation that is also on empathetic design.

I would design for kids because you can create cool ideas out of empathetic design and I believe kids could find this fascinating. I chose kids because if kids are grown up with empathetic design around them they will get used to it and it will become a normal thing for them, so they would encourage and use empathetic design further on in life.

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