Blog 6

During the last week our class wrapped up the biomimicry segment of the course as well as began the empathic design segment. In my opinion these can build off of each other because in biomimicry people design inspired by nature and in empathic people design inspired by the feelings of an individual. I am enjoying empathic design in particular because I find people interesting and want to see from their perspectives.

When wrapping up the biomimicry segment we discussed the business canvas model which sparked my interest because I am interested in the business side of sustainability and merchandising. My group decided to partner with in order to address the waste in the fast fashion industry. Our company would act as a service to provide companies with the information on how they can be more sustainable in their practices. We then would partner with to gain volunteers and donations to provide a team and resources to spark the change in each client’s store. An example would be if Forever 21 hired us. We would have a consulting meeting to explain all that they need to know about how they can be more sustainable. Since they have very quick turn-arounds, they may throw away many clothes not sold. Instead we can explain to them the Cradle to Cradle process or help them by providing a way for the company to up-cycle or down-cycle the unused garments. This model will be an effective way for me to view businesses I want to work for. One day I want to own my own business and this model would be a very beneficial way for me to start brainstorming my company.

Empathic design also is something that I plan to incorporate in the future of my business. Some of the take aways that I had from this lecture include that to use empathic design you must design for emotional attachment and others. One of the inspirational people that does so is Paul Bennett. In his TED Talk he explains his process of design for a hospital room. His first action was to present the hospital with a video of what the patients look at all day: the ceiling. I thought that this was unique in that Bennett didn’t begin designing until putting himself into the shoes of the client. During class this Tuesday, I had the opportunity to put myself into someone else’s shoes as well. I look forward to diving into this opportunity more in my next blog. Overall these past two weeks have been enlightening when thinking about my future company.




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