Blog 6

On Thursday during the in-class exercise I realized how many sustainable issues there are to solve. When we began I was worried a lot of learning communities were going to choose very similar problems and solutions but I was surprised when not one problem or solution was repeated. Before this activity I obviously knew how important practicing sustainably was but after this realization it created more of a need to help our environment because it needs it in so many different ways. The concept my learning community came up with was to a sustainable way to create new decorations to merchandise within a store environment. The design is centered around nature using plants and aromatherapy continuing a sustainable theme. We also planned to partner with MOMA in New York to gain artistic paintings or sculptures. Having this art and natural scents will increase a positive experience for our shoppers. Paul Bennett points out a very relevant point about perspective within designing for a hospital. He puts himself in the shoes of the patient to see their point of view and he notices that they are stuck with the bland view of the ceiling. He talks about making small differences for a big difference.

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