Blog 6

I learned a lot this week while discussing the business model with my learning community.  I enjoyed coming up with ideas that could benefit the environment, as well as be able to help people in need.  My learning community came up with the idea of repurposing old clothing by making new clothes and offering them to women in need at a very inexpensive price.  I  loved this idea because I like the thought of brining new life to old garments, while bringing the opportunity of confidence and new styles to women in need.

From all of the Ted Talk videos, I enjoyed the video over empathetic design.  I feel that it is extremely important to think of the benefits to others when designing anything.  It is especially important when you are designing hospitals.  I thought the most interesting point he made was the fact that the hospitals should have more interesting ceilings due to the fact that many patients have nothing else to view throughout their days besides the ceiling.  As an outsider, this is not an aspect you would naturally think of, however, the importance of looking at things from a different perspective when it comes to design is crucial.

Overall I learned a lot this week about empathetic design and it’s importance to nature as well as human connection.  I feel that this is an aspect not only in design but as well as life that we must always make an effort to pay attention to.  Designs can only pass their limits when you push yourself to think outside of your comfort level and put yourself in the potential users shoes.

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