Blog 6

The business canvas model was an activity that I really enjoyed. I liked the freedom to pick whatever world problem we wanted to solve. I also thought the figure we used to fill out all of our points was very helpful and a great way to display all the information. I thought it was interesting to see what nonprofits and problems people chose to work with. I learned more about the business canvas model and how exactly it works. I can use this tool in the future with other class projects or possibly in my career. It is a great tool to know.

I missed the empathic design lecture but I did catch up and watched the Design is in the Details by Paul Bennett TED talk. From that talk, I really liked that when they were helping with the hospital to try to see what they could do to help out the hospital experience was focused on small things rather than big things. Small changes really can make a big impact and difference and you may not have to implement massive change to create a new environment. This made me think about the book we had to read for Problem Solving talking about Left brain people and Right brain people. I thought of the part in the book when one medical school required the med students to take the place of the patients so that they could have a better understanding of what the patients go through so that they could improve their bedside manner.

I would want to improve the shopping experience for people who have mobility issues. I would want to do this because that is one thing I look at whenever I go into stores to see if someone in a wheelchair or if someone can get around a store on crutches. I have learned how important it is to have a certain circulation space within a store but I know not all stores have nice aisles or space between fixtures to freely move. I would just make sure that all fixtures and aisles have a good amount of space or create fixtures that could free up some space.

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