Blog 6

During week 8 we worked with our learning community to make a business canvas model. I think this was a very helpful activity because the model provides a very inclusive representation of business characteristics. It was neat to see that by addressing each of the topics on the chart, we came up with a complete business plan that was descriptive enough for either consumers or investors to understand. In our example, we came up with a business that would recycle old clothes and accessories and up-cycle them by having international artisans create new designs representative of their culture. We decided to partner with National Geographic so that we could really explore different cultures and design aesthetics and create a very meaningful product for our customers. I think that this model would be great to use in the future when pitching ideas to both customers and bosses. This is because you can back up product and service ideas with the characteristics that make said ideas feasible and valuable. I have always studied aspects of the business canvas model in other classes, but I have not ever seen all of the ideas combined in a easy-to-understand chart.

We watched a Ted Talk by Paul Bennett who is a creative director at Ideo. He basically explained that the small things are very often overlooked when people are designing. It is insane how much is yet to be discovered because we look at everything from the same perspective. People tend to be thoughtless and almost herded through many aspects of life. My favorite term that Bennett used was “unthink things”. He explained that there are so many things that we know, and so many rules we follow solely because that is how we have always done it. So, he suggests that designers start fresh, and pretend like they don’t “know” things. I think this is an amazing statement because I always tend to think and act based off of my own knowledge and experiences, and I think there is so much to be learned and developed by looking at everything in a new light, with a fresh perspective.

I would really love to figure out how to better my Grandma Ann’s shopping experience. She absolutely loves grocery shopping, as she has just recently retired and it is one of the most exciting things she has to do these days. She does, however, have a really hard time getting around. She has had some very traumatic falls and my family has then since been very hesitant to let her shop alone. She is 82 and she gets very tired from even a small trip to the store. This fact makes her reluctant to use her walker because it is hard for her to get in and out of the car so many times. At this point in time, she parks in a handicapped spot and waits outside of her car until a bagger or shopper passes her with a cart so that she can use the cart for walking assistance. I would like to implement a service where there is someone with their eye out for a handicapped person that could help them get their walker or make sure they are safe using a cart. There are baggers around every so often usually, but it would be nice to have someone expecting her that could make the wait shorter and the overall time spent at the store much lower.

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