Blog 6: Don’t overlook the small things


The business canvas model my learning community and I came up with was Pursystems. We decided to do this to make wastewater useable for agriculture. We decided to partner with Puremadi because we would buy the purification tablets from Puremadi to purify our water and we would also have to pay to break down our water and then we would sell the water to farmers. We thought this would be a sustainable way to reduce wastewater and also provide pure water for agricultural purposes. This would be a physical process because we would be doing all the physically and our main target market is farmers. This activity was hard to come up with in the short amount of time we had but we all put our ideas together and got it done! I liked this activity because I learned how to make a business idea by putting my ideas in a business canvas model. I would like to use this in the future when I plan to start my own business.

Empathetic design to me to me is designing something that gets the attention of people’s emotions and getting them emotionally connected to that product. Paul Bennett’s tedtalk was inspiring to me because he believed in focusing on the little things in life when coming up with a design. We don’t have to create some huge outstanding designs to be successful. We can design things that solve small and overlooked problems and they can be just as successful if not more powerful.

Taking away from Paul Bennett’s TedTalk I would like to improve the shopping experience for forever 21. When I go into this store it’s very chaotic and there are clothes everywhere and it gives me a headache just by walking in the store. I think if they stopped overlooking organization and simplicity it would be less chaotic.

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