blog six: bye bye biomimicry

This past week we finished up discussing biomimicry by talking about the business canvas model. I had never heard of this concept before Tuesday, but found it extremely beneficial even when applied to our imaginary companies. My learning community and I came up with the baby clothing company “BumbleBee Baby,” and it specialized in selling clothing made from sustainably sourced organic cotton. My biggest takeaway from this activity was how important it is to break down your business to see where you could be more sustainable. Since we did this as we came up with our company, we decided on sustainable activities as we went along, but for an existing business they might not even realize the extra wastes and costs they may have or the areas where they could be more sustainable. I would love to open my own boutique store one day, so knowing that this business model exists my help me to plan out the more crucial parts of my company; i.e. revenue streams, key resources and key partners.

While I did enjoy learning about biomimicry, I think I’m going to like empathic design a bit more. Empathic design, to me, is very very important when designing a product. You need to take into consideration those who may not be as able as you. I like Joyce Thomas’ TED Talk the most especially when she spoke about the little experiment the students did with the goggles. The goggles simulated very narrow eyesight. The students had maneuver their way around the building doing everyday tasks. I think this is the best way to fully understand empathic design; to put yourself fully into their shoes. Last semester, my visual merchandising class went to the VR Lab and put on the GERT suit to help us better understand what it’s like to move when you are older. We were designing an apparel line and store layout for the “baby boomer” generation.

I’m excited to learn more about this as the semester progresses!

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