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For us coming up with an idea for the business canvas model was rather difficult at first.  We talked through many ideas before settling on doing a business that not only would help those getting back to life, but also a business that supports others.  We created a business that partnered with an organization that provided furniture for the homeless trying to get back on their feet.  We as a business created sustainable furniture that was durable yet cheap to make.  We wanted our customers to be able to have something for when they moved out of this place and onto their own feet they could have furniture that would sustain this new life cycle. I felt as though this model is not practical to use in everyday business to a certain extent as it was not an overly detailed system.  I know in the future this could be a good start for starting a business as it hit many of the key points that you might not think of when starting out.


I thought the TED talk was a little odd.  I did not understand why we were watching one over drones and bees.  Maybe I just missed the mark with what was going on but I did not see any sort of sustainable design when it came to this week’s lectures.


I feel as though the elderly need a better shopping experience.  I know that most elderly become comfortable in a routine and stick to going to the same places that they know as opposed to trying new things.  To me this makes me really sad because I as a young shopper am always out looking for what is new and trying to expand my horizons.  I want elderly people to want to leave their homes and be able to navigate areas that may be unfamiliar to them so that way they can still experience things that life has to offer to them.

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