Empathy Versus Sympathy

This past week we were able to create a business plan for a sustainable company of our own design. By using a model, we answered the questions about how our company would create relationships with our customers as well as keep those relationships. We also discussed the many costs our business would incur and how we could best offset those costs. Below is our resulting table/business plan.

Our company’s end goal was to partner with businesses and corporations and analyze their business strategies. Once we have studied their system, we will provide them with ways to become more sustainable. By doing this, we save the company both time and money in the long run.

Empathic Design is when you are able to use empathy, putting oneself in the position of others in order to better understand it, to design more sensible solutions for them. But what is the difference between sympathy and empathy? Sympathy is simply feeling sorry for someone, while empathy is actively imagining what they are going through in an effort to understand their struggle on a deep level. This is incredibly significant to design, especially when it comes to older and disabled individuals. Without first empathizing with them, we can not get an accurate assessment of their needs, and therefore can not successfully design long term solutions for them. However, it is paramount that when we empathize we do not judge. True empathy must be without judgment.

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