Blog 6

I enjoyed the business canvas model activity because I was able to think of more ideas with a more structured design. It was easier to start brain storming when I saw the category of something that our business had to have. Our learning community came up with an idea to recycle the items that people in the united states dispose of and give them to people overseas so that they are able to upcycle them. This is helping their community because they would not have to purchase the materials that they need to make a profit and it also practices sustainability because we are reusing materials that had been thrown out. I might use this in the future if I am trying to come up with a business or just any idea because it made me think about every part of the business and generated new ideas through out the process.


The TED talk that we watched was by Paul Bennett who is a creative director at Ideo. I had never heard of this company but I enjoyed watching the Ted talk. In the ted talk he discussed that the small things are very overlooked when companies or people are designing products. When he mentioned that there are so many that we know and have always done because society as a whole follows each other. I began to reflect on my life and all the things I have done and realized that I do everything very similar to my parents. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but it made me think of other things that I can do differently in my everyday life. One person has to be the change and I think that designers could relate to this very well because they could start with a fresh start and create something different.


I would want to improve the shopping experience of my generation. I think that big corporation brick and mortar stores will remain around longer than people think because of the baby boomer generation not being ready to let go of it. I love online shopping so much but I think that with my generation people are in demand of things faster than most retailers can supply. I feel like online shopping has made my generation much more demanding but I know that when my friends aren’t able to find something in a store on a certain day they get very frustrated. I think that if retailers create a way to bring younger generations back into stores then it would greatly benefit our field. I feel like some retailers are relying too much on social media to bring customers into their stores and they instead need to change the experience within the stores to bring back those customers.

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