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The article given for ID Students expressed designing with empathy in mind, i really grasped the 4th step of mood boards because it is an easy way to express the theme of a design and the though process via visualization, i relate to this step because of my grand mother who was recently diagnosed with dementia she like myself is a very expressive and creative person but finds it hard to express her thoughts verbally and really loves to create items for others.

The article reads about how emotional bonds are key to relating products to its user and determine the essential element that can determine the commercial success of a product. This relates to my most valuable item i own which are holiday cards that i have received from my grandmother. These cards are a simple designed product that allows you to express yourself with creative designs and ability to have your own personal touch within the product.

Before lecture i never though to view empathic design and market research together, but after realizing they go hand in hand with numerous design process of products it makes sense to have something correlate to the person using this product varying on the environment its being used in. The pros of empathic and market research is that empathic design is good for innovating and market research shows that the innovation is valid within the commercial market. Some cons could be that often times empathic design is overlooked to speed up production or lack empathy within a product so that they can upgrade a product later on. All five steps of empathic design is key when creating a product because every person is different and experiences things differently so it is important to apply all steps within the production of products and throughout the market research.

From Design Probes assignment i learned that everyone in class live each day very different and could use personal products or ideas to help simplify or better their everyday lifestyles. I realized that each product varied from student, and probably would not benefit many but had extreme creativity and care where put in every design concept.

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