Battle of Human Nature and Mother Nature

Water is the reservoir of life, most of planet Earth consists of water and the same can be said of the human body. As humans, water is essential and we must drink enough to suffice our body and maintain a happy lifestyle. I have lived a very fortunate life because I never had to think twice about whether I could shower or if I had water to drink. However, this week’s class has made me think about the purity of water. It is tragic to see of all the chemicals infesting the water today. At the water crisis is just at the beginning of the list of atrocities seen in the world. It is even more devastating to see how people respond to these crises’.

It is very shocking to me that there are people who think that climate change is a belief. At first, it made me very angry. I was asking myself questions like “Do these people not notice what is going on in the world?” because, I feel like I am definitely experiencing the consequences of global warming. Just recently, the United States was swamped with natural disasters, including several hurricanes and ramped wild fires. There are so many images on the internet of melting ice caps and dying polar bears. All of these facts are devastatingly convincing to me that there needs to be a change. Then, after reading Easter Island it dawned on me how complex human behavior actually is. The natives did were so disconnected from any other form of life. They were also very primitive and lived upon an island with no order or regulation. The statues they built were very important to them, but mostly unnecessary. The statues accelerated their depletion of materials and ultimately led to the island’s destruction. The consumeristic behavior of America is parallel to the natives building of the statues: Important but unnecessary.

There are billions of people on Earth. There are so many different experiences and values, and that is ultimately humans demise. For some, the effects of climate change are unbearable because they are much closer to the equator, and for some they believe that there is a religious context involved in these crisis’s. For others, they are the ones profiting from putting chemicals into the air so they will never stop. These are the people that make me lost hope in the future of humanity. It baffles me that we cannot learn from humans in the past, and reflect on the story of Easter island. I wish people would realize that we are depleting our resources and we must change our ways.

After this week’s classes, I have been inspired to do more research to find out how I could carry forth a sustainable lifestyle. I have most definitely fallen into the consumeristic behavior of America, but I would like to do as much as I can to help give back to the earth. The Earth is precious, and it is time to start taking care of it.

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