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This week we were introduced to the idea of a “wicked problem,” and learned a wicked problem is defined by :

Vague problem definition
Undefined Solution
No Endpoint
We then watched a movie called the “11th hour,” filmed in 2007, which talked about environmental issues cause our planet to deteriorate. The issues were deforestation, Pollution, etc. but that’s not what I want to speak about. It’s more about when a business or company has an agenda they do whatever it takes to accomplish that agenda which includes negatively effecting the environment. Companies will tear down forest and trees in order to make bigger building or expand their companies which is similar to what the people of Easter Island did. They ritualistically created statues out of stone and use trees to hep transport those trees to wherever they wanted to take them. For over a century different clans led by chiefs basically competed to see who could create the most which led to an inevitable result that they cause themselves which was running out of trees. Some people argue that they didn’t know what they were doing, but I say otherwise. I say they knew exactly what they were doing. They knew the risks, but they most likely thought that the trees would grow back but they had an agenda. They had goals to keep which led to the demise of Easter Island.
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