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Getting into each others deep thoughts..


This week in class we learned a lot about designing for someone else. I really enjoyed week of class, I have to say I think this has been the most interesting week for me. I really got to thinking about designs and who they are structured for.


In the article they talked about redesigning a super market shopping experience. They wanted to redesign the shopping experience because not everyone functions the same. They were given a very diverse list of needs to make everyone’s shopping experience better. The design solution had many different outstanding ideas. I really related to the article this week because I see how outdated super markets are. Super markets have been around for what seems like forever why have we not thought to update them with time? In my hometown we have a very, very, very old super market that all the locals like to shop at because the environment feels comfortable. At my hometown super market (beachlers) everyone knows its okay to ask for extra help. The customer service is different at beachlers because it is so old and outdated they try and make the shopping experience easier for you. The super market even has carhops so you do not have to carry out your own groceries. They try and help everyone to make the experience better. My hometown couldn’t afford some of the ideas the designers from the article came up with but they do what they can to make shoppers experience better. I think every store could always work toward new ideas to help out the shopper.


The next thing we covered in class was the oldest most memorable item. This was one of my favorite things I have done in a college class because I got to learn a lot about my classmates. I shared about my new jewelry and my story about my grandpa and how we loved to give the girls in my family jewelry. I had a very emotional connection with the jewelry pieces because they reminded me of my grandpa. This relates to the design probes package because we were given someone else’s life and asked to design something for them. We all like to connect or talk about ourselves so I found this very effective. We could actually step into someone else’s shoes and design for them. When designing we had to think about the emotional connection as well as the physical connection. Are they going to relate? Are they going to need my product? Could we better this person’s life? This also relates to the article because we are trying to better an experience. My team worked well together because I was thrown into a new team due to my team being absent, I was pleased to see and hear their ideas. I feel like I worked well with this group even though it was the first time being with them. I


I was also interested when we started talking about the pros and cons of market research and empathic design. I never really understood the difference until now. It might be late for me to be catching on but it seemed to all make sense. Market research should be a step before empathic design. A good design requires both in my opinion. Market research is done to see how you can better someone’s situation but empathic design is actually testing it to see how well it works. You can do all the research in the world but until you add empathy you might not get anywhere. I think both are important but empathic design is much more effective than just doing a bunch of research.


The five steps of empathic design are

  1. Observation
  2. Capturing Data
  3. Reflection and analysis
  4. Brainstorming for solutions
  5. Developing prototypes of possible solutions


I think each step is very important to come up with a good design. I think for a great design you might need to go over these steps several times. They are important because each one really makes you think of your design differently and really causes you to relate back to your customer. Are you improving the situation after each step? If so you might be on your way to a great design. I still recommend doing market research as well just to double check. Market research and going over the 5 empathic design steps will lead to something awesome. I hope to come up with something someday!


I learned a lot from the design probes. I caught myself really using the empathic design steps. First we observed who we thought our person was. Next we looked at out captured data to see if we could come up with a way to better improve her life. And we then reflected upon the data one more time and did some deeper thinking. Then we brainstormed some really cool inventions. And we finally developed a design that I thought was very creative. We also did a little market research by searching for our product on the web to see if there was anything like our invention. And we couldn’t find much. I was pleased with the idea and the group.


I felt like this week was very successful and I felt like I learned a lot from class. I am glad I didn’t skip out for an early fall break.

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