Blog #7

Madeline Manning


Blog #7

I read the Shopsense article about the trolley that assists you in shopping. I thought it was interesting idea but not one that I would be interested in. I think that sometimes society can get too carried away with trying to reinvent daily activities and they loose sight of what is necessary. I think that this Shopsense idea is necessary, with more harm to the environment, more money being poured into the technology that is not needed. People go to the grocery store to buy the food that they want; it is a very simple task that does not need to be complicated by robots. People buy things because they are hungry, or have a creative imagination to cook, we do not need to loose these simple task by creating a whole new system.

My oldest item that I have is a ring that my mother gave me; she got it from her mother when she graduated High School. I would design a special jewelry box that mimic the aesthetic of the ring, that way someone could house all of his or her precious jewelry. What made the ring so special is that every time I looked at it reminded me of my mother. From now on not only the ring will remind me of my mother, but the jewelry box will too.

I think that the pros of empathic design outweigh the cons, but there we still must recognize them. The cons of empathic design include; inefficient products for the mass population, very expensive, only can be suited for minimal customers. The pros include; very satisfied customers, product that are useful and will not go to waste in a short time, customer’s needs and wants are met. I think that everything we do ties onto market research, whether we realize it or not. A con to market research is that we can become defeated when we cannot solve a large problem in our customer base.

I think that steps one and two can be combined. For me it helps to record data while observing so you able to make mental notes and track your progress. This can be a more accurate way to collect information and analyze it. Otherwise I think that every step is vital in understanding the person that you are designing for. The more prototypes that you are able to create the more accurate your product will be for that consumer.

I learned a lot about others and myself. I never taken to the time to enjoy my senses, the food that I eat, the clothes that I wear and how I feel everyday. I liked taking the time to record that. I enjoyed learning about others and what their daily routine is.

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