Blog 7

The article this week was very interesting because it was about a shopping experience. It talked about how a new store layout is in place which is shelving only at reaching distance. This allows customers to easily get the item instead of having to bend down or reach up tall above them. It talked about another program that visually guides you through the store. These two things help people with limited mobility have a better and easier shopping experience.

The most memorable item I have is my pearl necklace. This necklace was created with pearls my grandfather would give me every year for my birthday growing up. It was interesting to see that many people’s stories of their items in class were about something their grandmother or grandfather gave them or has been passed down.

Throughout this class I keep learning new things about empathetic design. I recently learned that empathetic design has five steps which are; observation, capturing data, reflection and analysis, brainstorming solutions, and developing prototypes. I think these are all important because to create an excellent true empathetic design, all these steps need to be used.

I liked the design probes exercise. It was cool to see how students would create these designs for other students with very little information and basing their designs on what the student does in just two days. I was one of the random students selected and the other students created an outfit and a water bottle for me. From my probes package they learned that I love cheerleading and travel very far for practices and like to stay active and be healthy. I really liked their water bottle design idea because if it did exist, it’s something I would most likely use a lot.

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