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 The article, Shopsense, discusses the research and design of a high tech, user friendly device that will have the ability to aid individuals that are not able bodied or have limited mobility. This device would make shopping less of a hassle and more convenient for these individuals. Researchers designed new store layouts that would make shopping more enjoyable and also a virtual store to purchase groceries and avoid the need to use shopping carts. I really liked the ideas discussed in this article. I have personally seen individuals struggle in the grocery store whether it be due to inconvenient store layouts or they are just simply unable to withstand the physical effort shopping entails. From this article I learned that something like this would help many groups of individuals tremendously. I also learned from the break down and research of the article, that it is something that is extremely possible to do.

Oldest/Most Memorable Item

 The item that I chose to discuss in class is one that is very near and dear to my heart, a ring that was given to me by my grandmother. It was a ring I have been begging for since I can remember, and I finally received it when I graduated high school. The ring is special for many reasons. Just recently my grandma has started to really suffer from memory loss and struggle to live her daily life. This is something that has been very hard to endure for her and my family. We eventually had to move her into a nursing home. The ring reminds me of the many great memories I had with my grandma before she began to suffer. It also has an angel attached to it. The angel reminds me daily that even though my grandma will be gone one day, I will still have her with me everyday and she will be watching over me. It is definitely one of the most important items I own and I will continue to cherish it. I think it would be cool to design something like a scrapbook, but for jewelry. Personally, I am unable to wear all my favorite pieces daily, and some I choose not to wear because I do not want them getting messed up. I would create a display for these special pieces of jewelry that way I would still be able to cherish them and enjoy them everyday without having to wear them.

Pros and Cons of Empathetic Design

 It has been very interesting to learn about empathetic design. I believe it is a great idea and process for design. I feel as if it will target customers more if it is a personal design that will benefit them directly. Some pros are that products would be able to meet the needs of the user directly, the products could connect with the user emotionally which in turn would make the user enjoy the product more, and this would all lead to satisfied and happy customers. Some cons are the extensive amount of time and money put into research and also the products not being directed to a wide range of consumers due to being personable. I believe each step of the process is important and needed in order to understand the users and make the products efficiently.

Design Probes Package

The design probes package essentially reminded me to stop and smell the roses, and to make an effort to enjoy my days. Being a full time college student, it is easy to get wrapped up in my busy life and not notice the things I am doing daily. This assignment helped me to slow down and take it one day at a time. I believe it made me less stressed and I enjoyed focusing on the little things like what I ate for the day or what outfit I chose to wear. I thought the in class exercise for the assignment was interesting. It was cool to see what each learning community came up with for their given package and personality. Overall, the assignment helped me learn about the individuals that are in my classes daily and myself.

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