Blog 7

This week I read an article called Shopsense. This article talked about a whole new grocery shopping experience. The team at Kinneir Dufort came up with this idea after doing extensive research. Their research showed that consumers of all abilities thought that the supermarket was overwhelming and sometimes impossible to find certain items. They came up with a device to bring the supermarket shopping experience to the consumer. The consumer holds a device and virtually shops around the supermarket, and then checks out. I think this is an amazing idea for people of all ages and abilities. Grocery stores, such as Wal Mart have come up with a similar idea for this. I’ve also seen many other stores testing this out. I can’t wait to see how this plays out in the future.


My most valuable item would be my cat. My grandma got her for my 15 years ago. She is a Siamese Ragdoll, and they are somewhat rare. She means so much to me. I think that each person had something completely different that was memorable to them. A way to design a product for them would include something to make that memorable object last longer or be able to preserve it.


Market research is very important when it comes to empathic design. You are not designing for yourself, you’re designing for other people. Doing research helps you understand different kinds of people, and their different needs. Without this research, you wouldn’t know what you needed to create.


The empathic design process includes observation, capturing data, reflection and analysis, brainstorming for solutions, and developing prototypes of possible solutions. Watching people and taking notes of what they do is the observation stage. When you capture data you ask open ended questions. When you reflect you ask for other peoples opinions. When you start thinking of new ideas you are brainstorming. After brainstorming, you create prototypes from all of your research. I think these are all important, because they build off of each other.


The design probes package was fun. I documented two different days. I took pictures of what I ate, what I wore, what I did, some of my favorite things, and my surroundings. My powerpoint was chosen to be presented to the class. They took away that I loved my dog, and really liked flowers and candles. The students designed a store for my based on these things. The store sold flowers and candles and allowed pets. I think this was a fun activity, and I learned a lot about some of my classmates.

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