Blog 7

The article that I read this week made me think about how shopping as an older individual really is. Since shopping is a very simple task for me I never think about how difficult it can be for individuals who aren’t as mobile. After our learning community designed a product for someone based on their needs and disabilities, I realized how important it is to think about the consumer needs and not just their wants. Our society thinks they need something at the time but it turns out that its not very valuable to them. I realized this after I thought about the oldest/most valuable item I own. I often think that the latest iPhone or the newest trend of clothing are most important to me everyday but when I reflect on the items I own those don’t come to mind. The things that I thought of had been passed down in my family or given to me from someone special. The item I chose as my most valuable item was a piece of art that my brother made me. I have this framed and hanging on my wall and it is very important to me because it reminds me of him and our family. When designing items in our market, I think the meaning gets overlooked too often. For items to have value decades later, they need to have an important and special meaning. I think our society thinks that something has a special meaning or value to them when they purchase the item, but then they forget about it soon after.  After listening to my classmates most valuable item, I saw the importance in empathic design. Without empathic design and the five steps-observation, capturing data, reflection and analysis, brainstorming solutions, and developing the prototypes- none of our products would hold any meaning or value. When designing a product for the design probes exercise with my learning community, I noticed how important each step in the empathic design process is. Each step in the process is equally important because it helps examine the consumers needs even deeper than before. I enjoyed the design probes exercise because it gave me a better understanding of the empathic design process but I think that my learning community could have made a product with more meaning and value if we had more detail or more days documented from the classmate. I enjoyed learning about this topic because it made me think about what value really means to me and how important it is when purchasing a product.

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