Blog 7

This week as an Interior Design students I had to read the article, Visual Product Evaluation: Exploring Users Emotional Relationships with Products.  While the article touched on most things that we had already learned, one thing that stood out was how to make connections on an emotional level with clients.  To do this we need to create a space that they can easily see and relate to in a way that is easy for them to understand such as a mood board.  This has to be one of the easiest ways to relate to the client what we are wanting to do and show them something that they can visually see as most people cannot do this naturally.

This week we had to talk about our most important/valuable item.  My item touched on both as it is the oldest and something that I hold very dearly to me.  It is a ring that my grandmother left for me after she died.  She wore it every day from the age of thirteen until the day she died.  I wear it on a necklace every day as a reminder of her.  I am not sure how to relate that to someone in a design sense, unless I tell them that when they have or make something they should develop an emotional attachment to the item.

While I like the idea of empathetic design I do not see it as useful for everyday design as most people can get too easily attached to things and prevent the true use coming from an item.  While this can be good because it allows for a closer study of an item to find its true potential, I am not sure about this design style.

I learned from the design probes packet not to be too quick to judge someone.  While we only got to see part of a person’s normal life, there really was not a lot to go off of based on the pictures alone.  I thought most of the people did not like to journal very much about themselves as I felt those were lacking.  I personally would not use this in my life as I don’t find much benefit to having a journal.

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