Blog 7


During week 9 I read the shop sense article for merchandisers. I read this because I am a merchandising major and it also related to projects that I have to do in some of my dhm classes relating to designing a product or store for older individuals who have a hard time shopping by themselves. This design Kinnier and the appliance studio came up with was innovative, high tech, and user friendly that will making shopping less painful for certain individuals. This shop sense device allowed individuals a choice to browse and be guided visually or by audio. I really liked this design and took away a lot insight that I can use when working on my projects.

For my oldest most memorable object I brought a diamond necklace this was given to me as a Christmas present 4 years ago, which is the oldest piece of jewelry, I have because I tend to lose my jewelry frequently. I would design a valuables storage center for those who want to keep their most valued items in a stored/safe area that is dust free and has cleaning services and preserve items for those who don’t want there items to begin looking old or lost. The pros and cons of market research and empathetic design is that some are gifted to foresee what people will want based on their experiences and some just make assumptions based on fake information a fail to make proper research or fail to make an empathetic design. I believe all steps to the empathetic design are important because if you mess up one step the whole design could fail. What I learned from the design probes package is that it is hard to tell what someone’s life is really liked based on so little information. Like the pros and cons of market research and empathetic design we cant just assume what some one Is like or what they like we have to take into consideration our experiences and theirs and then that will lead us to who they are by seeing how they respond in these experiences.

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