Blog 7

Week 9

The article Beautiful Dress was intriguing. I admired how the designer wanted to ensure her designs were not only sustainable but she cared to cater to the needs of others. The use of empathic design was something I feel like the fashion industry lacks and this article explained a perfect example of that. Which could lead to informing and inspiring other designers to do the same and to reach a whole new market.

The most memorable item I have is a letter from my grandmother she wrote to me not long before she passed away 4 years ago. The letter means so much to me from everything she wrote to me to that fact it is something physical I can hold on to in remembrance of her. I think something we value the most is our loved ones and so I would design a business that would allow someone to bring in old things of their loved ones and create something entire new so that they can enjoy that item even more instead of trashing it or giving it away (i.e. old clothing repurposed into something like a quilt or pillow).

The pros of market research are would be that you can acquire data which would help you understand your market and improve or develop a product that would be functional and successful. Empathic design is something that improves the quality of life for an individual. The cons of market research might be that any data gathered might be false and that can hurt a products design, sales, and overall performance in the market. With empathic design you are likely just selling/developing to a narrow market group.

5 steps of The Empathic Design Process are 1. Observation 2. Capturing Data 3. Reflecting and analysis 4. Brainstorming for solutions 5. Developing prototypes of possible solutions. Each step of the process is likely important and vital in order to create a successful final product

The design probes exercise was a unique way to see how everyone lives their lives. A way we can decide what product we might design in order to improve their day-to-day needs and/or routines

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