Blog 7 DHM 4573

Blog 7

DHM 4573

Article I read

I read an article about how this dairy farmer turned the manure on their dairy into fuel used in their delivery trucks.  That has to same them a lot of money being able to run all of their trucks on the farm, from all the dairy cattle tokens. This is a very sustainable way to run a business and save money, this is something making full circle right there in one location. I got that there is always something that has a 2nd use, it doesn’t have to be just waste. These type of things will help our environment so much, we need to practice these ways in everyday life.

Oldest most memorable item

My most important item to me, is a turquoise cuff given to me by my grandmother. It was gift to her a long time ago, it is sterling silver with 2 pieces of turquoise. It is very well made, it has a lot of weight in silver it will last for forever. Someone else may have an old piece that is very sentimental to them, that they would like something that can be used every day. They may have an old item of clothing that was their mothers, designing them a new item or piece of furniture. You could design a jacket or shirt that is inspired by the object that is sentimental, you could find a similar material and distress it the same way. With my item I would like maybe a couch that was turquoise leather with silver details and silver studs.

Pros and Cons of market research and empathetic design

The pros and cons of market research, you get all kinds of mixed emotions on this. The pros to me would you that you know more of what the customer wants and how to design a products around their wants and needs. The cons: sometimes you don’t know how accurate the findings are we did one in a class about swimwear for avid swimmers. The survey we made for surveyors to take wasn’t accurate because the majority of our swimmers were for leisure and not an avid swimmers, we were designing for avid swimmers. With empathetic design I think it’s the same way, you don’t always know what you are designing for. You could be designing for a number of things like, Elderly, ADHD, handicapped children, blind, death you get the gist the list could go on for days. You have to know what direction to look and what to take into consideration.

5 steps of empathetic design

I think they are all important because you need to do all these steps in order to get a successful product. It’s a process of trial and error of what works and what doesn’t. You have to take into consideration each time what people want and what works. With observations different people with different walks of life are able to notice different things.

Design probes exercise

This was an assignment where we learned to use our clues to put things together about our classmates. This is a neat way to get to learn about people and to get your mind working. I learned that we do a lot in a day and sometimes it hard to keep track of it!


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