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This past week we watched the movie The 11th Hour and discussed the reading over the Easter Island mystery.  Both of these discussions focused on sustainability and how some people think that “humans have had a devastating effect on the earth”, which I believe is completely false.  As we saw in the reading about Easter Island, one of the main reasons the island fell into extinction was because the inhabitants failed to replenish the resources they used on the island.  The rest of the world has clearly lasted years and years even though humans have been using its resources since the beginning of time, but we have proven to be a critical asset to the earth’s function, replenishing the trees we cut down, planting new crops when we harvest the ripe ones, building houses to keep people sheltered from bad weather and preserving life in many different ways.  The belief that humans have been harmful to the earth is an unfair accusation to mankind.  Another argument that can be made to defend man is one that is extremely controversial.  Obviously not everyone believes in God and that He created the earth. However, in the Bible God tells us that He created the earth for us, so that we could use the things of this earth to sustain our own lives.  I believe that humans have not had a devastating effect on the earth, rather we have helped preserve it and keep it in such a condition that is suitable for life.

I honestly think that all the problems the “earth is facing” are relatively insignificant compared to many of the issues that humans are facing.  While “deforestation” might be an issue in a few decades, the poverty and starvation people are facing now is an urgent issue.  In third world countries, the poverty people are facing is a pressing issue that has caused hundreds of thousands of people to die.  Starvation, tribal violence, interracial slavery, kidnapping for ransom and incurable diseases such as AIDS and HIV has devastated these people for centuries.  In my opinion, this is a more “urgent” issue than “deforestation”, “overfishing”, and “global warming”.

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