Easter Island

This weeks topic was about Wicked Sustainability and the problems and collapse. We as a class discussed what a wicked problem is and how that problem earns the title wicked. We also watched the movie “11th Hour” which explained all the wicked problems in the world and how they came to be. Most of the problems can be traced back to the industrial revolution. We also discussed our reading over Easter Island and how everything we are going through now as a whole is something that is not new to man.The natives of Easter Island were some of the first people to experience what it is like to drain your land of all it’s resources and then suffer the consequences. The difference this time around is that we are much more advanced and we have far more knowledge of our surroundings and how we can attempt to solve these problems that have so graciously earned the title of wicked. I think there should definitely be some take away here that we need to be more aware of our resources and how we treat the earth. We only get this one earth and we should try and find a way to find a solution to these wicked problems for the time being. Being wicked there may never be a true solution to any of these problems but we should try and find a way to draw out the consequences.

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