Easter Island: A modern take

This week in class I learned about Easter Island and its destruction. Now, if I had not been assigned to read this story I do not think I ever would have. Yet that’s the best part. I have always heard people rant about how “We are killing our earth,” but I have never cared to look into it. Reading “Lessons of Easter Island” has really opened my eyes to, personally, something terrifying. I strongly believe the main factor of ¬†destruction for Easter Island was deforestation. These islanders literally cut down their civilization one tree at a time. After expending all of their timber resources they were left to live in huts and caves.

The reason this is so scary is because our earth’s land surface used to be about 50% forests! Now there is less than a third of that left. The scarier part of this situation is that we know, we are aware, and we are not doing anything about it! That’s like trying to walk in a straight line for 20 feet while standing on a 10 foot pier. You know, and are perfectly aware that the pier is shorter than what you’re trying walk, yet you still walk.

Or like from the movie we watched, if we have lost half of our ocean life from over-fishing, why do we allow ourselves to keep fishing at that rate, especially when we don’t even use all of our catches? Then we pour the dead fish back into the ocean and pollute it even more with mercury!!! It just doesn’t make any sense to me why we are aware that we are killing our earth and not doing anything about it.


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